Duality has defined musician Khalil “Cassius” Walton’s life from the moment it started. He was born in the Bronx, but raised in Atlanta. Athletically gifted enough to play varsity basketball at Southwest Dekalb High School, but musically inclined to play French horn in their world-renown marching band as well. Rapper and songwriter. Now, with his debut project Loss Leader, Vinyl Crown Recordings hopes to show that one can be both a successful artist and executive.

Cassius’ name popped up on the industry radar in 2010 after receiving co-writer credit for Bruno Mars’ smash hit “Just The Way You Are” where he and producer Needlz created the original lyric and melody for the song. Even though pop music was not the lane Cassius intended to enter, he has decided to steer that event into creating his own blend and brand of music.

Touching on everything from material gain to personal loss, Loss Leader Cassius is out to show that the same way he can write songs that speak to people, he can write songs that speak for people as well. Whether he’s writing to apple of his eye (“Hey Beautiful Girl”) or his late mother (“Son Shine”), Cassius is giving a look at life through both ends of the spectrum.

“I want to offer people different ways of looking at things,” says Cassius, whose company Vinyl Crown has performed creative services for artists ranging from Lupe Fiasco to Karina Pasian. “I want to speak on what’s going on in urban community and harness that into the amazing songwriting.”